COVID-19: Laptops for Homeschooling


COVID-19 is having a major impact on our partner home for HIV+ kids in India. As some of us are seeing a slow return to normality, the kids in our partner home are still in lockdown and haven’t left the home for over 100 days.

The school summer holiday finished in June, which means all 54 of the kids are homeschooling “online” – however the home isn’t equipped for homeschooling and many of the children are using the caretaker’s phones to attend classes.

This is an unacceptable way to learn. We raising funds to purchase laptops for the kids so they can continue their education.

We need 10 – 15 basic laptops, costing approximately C$350 each.

Please help these kids learn and develop by purchasing a laptop for the home today. 

Thank you for standing with us.



Spread the cost of 1 laptop over the year with a monthly gift. Monthly donations allow us to plan and budget better for right now and the upcoming months.

$29.00 / monthDonate