A Tribe is Born:
How, Who and What

Tribe of Lambs started as a dream to live an extraordinary life of adventure and compassion. It began to take shape in the foothills of the Himalayas in Northern India where Bobbi (the creative brain) was totally inspired by her circumstance and the opportunities that surrounded her.

Pushpa - A Tribe Is Born

With the support of friends, family and strangers she was able to launch a trial run of the business model which turned out to be more than she hoped for. Dani (the business extraordinaire) and Phil (the marketing marvel) enthusiastically came on board to fuel the fire and move the business from an idea into the real deal. Bobbi & Phil now work as a global-team (along with our remote intern Jaime), utilizing each others strengths and talents- and together they are social entrepreneurs building a business with compassion as its core.

We hope you enjoy our products and feel inspired just as you’ve inspired us. Together We Give!

– Phil & Bobbi