“I was 10 yrs old when I got married, it was normal in my village. My husband was sometimes good to me, sometimes bad. It was a month after he died that I found out he was HIV positive, and it was AIDS that killed him. He left me with 2 sons and no money.

I knew that my sons and myself must be HIV positive too, but there was no way of being tested or getting medication in the village. I waited until I had enough money to come to Jaipur, which took me 5 years. As soon as I got here the hospital told me about Rays home, who took my son in to live, go to school and get medication. After a while the home offered me a job and let me move into the home too. My life has had so much sadness, but at least now I know my son is in a good place, we get to be together and I have a way to earn money.”

Aasha is a caretaker at our partner home for HIV positive children in Jaipur. Despite all that Aasha has been through, she is a strong, caring woman who is there 24 hours a day for the 53 children she cares for. Her resilience nature and endless love for her son and the other children in the home is why we named a ring after her.

Product inspired: Aasha Ring

Aasha has given us permission to tell her story, but asked that we don’t show her face to avoid any further stigmatism.