Location: NYC

Born: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Occupation: Makeup Artist

Instagram: @blairpetty

Three words: looking…for…snacks 

What do you love about life?:  I’m happy I get to be fairly creative for a living and that I’m able to move around a lot at work (satisfies my ADD).  I’ve met great people from all over the world and live in a really amazing city.  And when it gets overwhelming (which it does) I can go back to my parents’ place in rural Alberta and recharge.  

How are you a Tribe member?:  buddies with Bobbi and Phil and I’ve worked on the campaigns

What I love about Tribe: it’s ethically made and affecting positive change.

Tribe piece: I’ve got the square lamb ring

How TOL has affected me: I’ve been able to see people come together to support a cause they believe is valuable.

Fave life experience: probably moving to NY 

Dream: live off the grid somewhere