Name: Ciara – Kiki

Location: Calgary, Ab

Birthplace: Calgary, Ab

Occupation: Esthetician / Triple Certified Lash Tech / Certified Microblading Technician

Instagram: @illuminate_brows

Describe yourself in 3 words: Caring, kind and honest. 

What do you love about your life? I love being a mother first and foremost. I love being inspired by my amazingly courageous and kind friends. Everything that comes after is just a bonus! 

How are you involved with the Tribe? I am a member of tribe because I am a friend, contributor, supporter and true believer. I love to wear and gift their products and I tell their story daily.

What do you love about the Tribe? I have watched tribe grow from the start, their vision has never changed. One main goal- to be love, to give love, to show love. What’s not to love about that?

What Tribe piece do you rock? I think I own almost every ring they have, missing a few but not for long :). I have a beautiful necklace and my daughter loves her Toddler Tee. I carry my tote daily and have a few other pieces they have sold along the way.

How has the Tribe impacted you? TOL has educated me on things I didn’t have much/accurate knowledgable on before. They have brought awareness into my home and many others I am sure. Their compassion projects are inspiring and their leaders show by example what it is to be compassionate. I am grateful for this team and everything they stand for.

What’s your best life experience? My favourite life experience is hands down bringing my beautiful daughter into this world. There just really is no feeling like it.