Dani Shaw:
Director of Operations

Well, how to start…I am your typical suburbia stay-at-home mom, with a wonderful husband and two lovely little girls. My passions include healthy foods, yoga, travelling and of course conscious shopping. I fill my days with preschool activities, toddler cuddles, cooking and volunteering for organizations that are near and dear to my heart.

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“The most important thing for me is that I live a full life, a life that my girls can be proud of, and a life that makes a difference for others.”

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Growing up I had THE coolest best friend ever, we were inseparable! My friend was outgoing, carefree, bold, stylish and had so many other qualities that I could learn from. The old adage that “opposites attract” was certainly true here. As we got older we both went our separate ways (staying in touch of course), pursuing our own interests and aspirations. I completed my university, majoring in Business Management. I worked for a little while in an office but began to realize that I was definitely an entrepreneur at heart. So I ran my own business for a couple of years, while getting married and having kids. But I wanted to find what I was truly passionate about – something that would make a difference in peoples’ lives. Since I was still in the process of searching for what that was – I choose to spend my days savouring the time I have with my young girls – soaking up the hugs and kisses and volunteering at some local organizations.

From time-to-time I would get together with my friend so we could visit and catch up – living vicariously through each other’s stories. I absolutely loved hearing about my friend’s courageous, adventurous travels across the globe, and she enjoyed hearing about my day-to-day preschool and dance class routine. When I got the news of the amazing project my best friend had taken on, making a difference for children in developing countries, I immediately fell in love with it! Of course, I donated to the pilot project, bought some beautiful items, and did whatever I could to support my friend’s new venture! Who wouldn’t?! When we were finally reunited in Canada we had so much to talk about, and being the Type A, organized, structured person I am, I took the liberty of sharing with my friend the many business ideas I had for her new venture.

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It seems that both of us had qualities that each other could learn from and together we are a (compassionate) powerful force to be reckoned with. I have found something I am passionate about, that requires my entrepreneurial brain, and that will make a difference for others.

Dani & Bobbi - Work Lunch Photo

Together we will create compassionate consumers and impact the lives of thousands of children.

Director of Operations, Dani Shaw's Signature
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