Name: Devon a.k.a. Divya Devi (Hindi name meaning Divine Goddess)

Born: Smithers, B.C. 

Location: Currently in Vancouver B.C., by way of 4 years in Kullu, HP India

Occupation:  I am a student of Life. Former child/dancer/martial artist/actor/model/concierge/server/bartender/manager/wife/homeowner/woman.

Describe yourself in 3 words: Open.  Curious.  Loving.  

What do you love about your life? The thing I love most about my life is that I’ve lived it so fully.  Every path i’ve followed I’ve run down, throwing myself totally into it with passion and dedication….until it branches and I’m onto the next one! 

How are you involved with the Tribe?  I am a member of the Tribe via Bobbi Jo, whom I met meditating in India.  She is not only a best friend, but an incredible and inspiring human being.  She invited me to come along to distribute clothing to the kids at a local Indian orphanage.  We brought art supplies as well as baking ingredients and we taught them how to make chocolate chip cookies, which they’d never had before.  Some of the older girls led us all in some Bollywood dances.  It was a day filled with smiles, love and laughter.  That same orphanage benefitted from the proceeds of one of Tribe’s Compassion projects- we were able to give them a bread machine and solar panels, which they had the chance to request.  Having the opportunity to go directly to see the positive impact on the kids and how dramatically it improves their quality of life was so rewarding.  I became a lifelong Tribe member in my heart.  And I immediately bought myself a bunch of Tribe swag to represent;) 

What Tribe pieces do you rock? I love my silver Babita pendant on a long chain around my neck.  And I love the wearing my Janaati and Sahaas rings side by side so much i got them both in rose gold and the silver combinations!  The Irani ring (hammered silver with a copper slider) is another fave of mine.  

What do you love about the Tribe? What I love about Tribe is it is Conscious Consumerism.  Let’s face it, we all like nice things, and we all will continue to buy stuff for ourselves and as gifts for others.  But we have so much power in what we choose to contribute our money to (which is just a representation of our energy really).  When we support a company like Tribes we actually are helping to change the world, and significantly improve the life of a child in need.  That’s powerful stuff, and a no-brainer;)