Name: Gurinder Virk / Vicky

Location: Jaipur 

Born: 7 Nov 1955

Occupation: Business 

Describe yourself in 3 words: aim for perfection 

What do you love about your life? Life is beautiful with all the beautiful people around me and I could create Rays aasha ki Ek Kiran 

How are you involved with Tribe of Lambs? Working together to create better world for the children of Rays

How is Tribe of Lambs impacting you? Tribe of lambs has with their positivity and compassion helped in providing support for the betterment of the children 

Favourite life experience thus far? Watching Rays grow 

What is your biggest dream in life? Having a nice home for 200 children with all amenities, kitchen garden and playground for the children of Rays


*Gurinder is the co-founder of Rays Home. Gurinder’s passion & commitment are apparent in all he’s created & set out to accomplish. We are honoured to be aligned with such an amazing NGO, Cause & group of world citizens.