“After being detected with the ‘positivity’ (HIV +) (as our motto says, a positive home for special children), Hanuman was referred to us and joined our small family in 2011. Spending the first few years of his life in very harsh conditions Hanuman had contracted a number of life threatening diseases. Back in 2011, Hanuman was so weak that he could only crawl, could not eat any kind of solid food and would scream in pain even with a gentle touch. A happy house is a healthy house turned out to be true for Hanuman. The love and warmth along with nutrition and care did wonders for him. The boy who couldn’t walk now does theatre, paints like a professional and smiles like everything is right in the world. Every visitor that Rays has ever had has not left without Hanuman leaving an imprint on them.”

Told by a caretaker at the home.

Unfortunately Hanuman’s blood cell count dropped below treatable levels, he developed AIDS and passed away in April 2017 aged 10 years old.

Hanuman left a huge impact on us personally and as an organization fighting to save HIV positive children in India.

Product inspired: Hanuman Ring