Name: Maahir

Birthday: February 10th 2002

School: Hindi Medium

Special Talent: Drawing

Best Friend: Ashok

Favourite Colour: Yellow

If you were Prime Minister of India, what would you change: No pollution

His story: When Maahir was 10 years old he was rejected from a government run orphanage because of his HIV status, which is when he joined our partner home, Rays. Not only has Maahir had to deal with the loss of his family, followed by long periods of significant change, unrest and rejection, he has had to comprehend living with a virus he received through no fault of his own.

This level of stress would be hard for anyone to cope with, let alone a 10 year old boy. During the 6 years he’s lived at Rays, none of his extended family have visited or called. One of the caretakers told us that he never wants to celebrate his birthday. Maahir receives extensive counselling to make him feel at home, comfortable and wanted.

*children’s names have been changed.