Name: Ross Barr (Rossy)

Instagram: @rossbarruk

Location: Leeds, UK

Born: Wakefield, UK

Occupation: Entrepreneur / Designer

Describe yourself in 3 words: passionate, extrovert and caring

What do you love about your life? My close friends and family – cliché but it’s true

 How are you a member of the Tribe? I donated to a Tribe fundraiser in London, and I’m now a devoted customer – love the Tribe!

What do you love about the Tribe? I love the fact that everything you buy from the Tribe funds kids who wouldn’t normally have the opportunity to live a normal life. I love how it’s all about people from the west helping people who are literally thousands of miles away. So noble.

What Tribe of Lambs product do you rock? Shanvi Lapis – amazing. I wear it as a signate ring, love it.

How is TOL impacting you? To be honest, it’s all about the kids in India. It’s all about them.

Favourite life experience thus far? When I was 16/17 I went backpacking in Norway, through the Lofoten Islands – the utter serenity and peace that I found there was incredible.

What is your biggest dream in life? To create a brand that gives back to locals here in Britain, the same way Tribe of Lambs does in India. Bringing people hope, happiness and opportunities.

Message for potential customers: Just do it, such a great company and cause.