Name: Shannon Parkinson

Instagram: @shannon_alys @pureemotionphotography

Location: Spruce Grove, Alberta

Born: Edmonton, Alberta

Occupation: Mom/ Portrait Photographer

Describe yourself in 3 words: Loyal, quirky and giving.

What do you love about your life? My Family. I have a wonderful husband who supports me in anyway he can and the sweetest yet wildest little 1.5 year old boy. They keep me on my toes but fill my heart with so much love and make me want to be the best version of me I can.

How are you a member of the Tribe? I have purchased a few things and I am lucky to have Dani Shaw as my cousin and I am always happy to share the wonderful work that Tribe of Lambs is doing!

What do you love about the Tribe? That, not only am I getting a high quality on trend item but, I can also feel good about the purchase knowing that it will help out someone in need and that it has been purchased at a fair price from an artisan. 

What Tribe of Lambs product do you rock? I love my Kalpana Necklace! And I just got the Sweatshop free t-shirt for my son and it is one of the softest shirts I have ever felt! I hope to get an adult sweatshop v-neck for myself soon!

How is TOL impacting you? After learning about the company from Dani it has made me think more consciously about all purchases that I am making and has made me turn towards shopping small shops with handmade items more often.

Favourite life experience thus far? Getting to be a mom to my little guy! Not every day is perfect but I would not trade it for the world!

What is your biggest dream in life? To be remembered well! I once read a comment that said live your life in a way that if anyone was speak bad about you no one would believe it.  It is my goal in life to achieve this. I want to spread kindness and love where I can!