Name: Shauna, Shaun, or Shaunski

Instagram: @shauna_schwindt

Location: Sherwood Park, Alberta

Born: Weyburn, Saskatchewan

Occupation: Unit Clerk on the post op Surgical Unit @The Stollery Children’s Hospital, Current Integrative Nutrition Student and Owner of Happy Healthy Heartfelt Wellness

Describe yourself in 3 Words: Caring, witty, compassionate

What do I love about my life? I am fortunate that I have amazing friends and family, near and far.  I am blessed with my health, and lucky enough to work with like mined individuals who in the end love to help people.  I love where I live and am proud to be Canadian.

I am a member of the tribe… because I was lucky enough to know Bobbi and Dani thru dance and then High School.  Dani reconnected with me after having moved up to Edmonton 5 years ago.  The ladies that you see that are the Tribe Goddesses  have been such a positive and kind force throughout the entire time I have known them, seeing them become successful ladies and spreading such joy around the world does not surprise me at all.  So world look out for TOL!!!! 

What do I love about the Tribe? I love what the “tribe” represents.  Products that are handmade with love, especially knowing that it will go towards such positive changes in people’s lives.

What Tribe Products do you rock?

-Silver Janaati Ring

-TOL green and silver wrap bracelet.

-TOL sweatshop free V neck T shirt

-Be Love Canvas tote

For any family reading, I have my eyes on the scarves for Christmas 😉

How is TOL impacting me:  TOL has taught me to support more local and ethically ran businesses?  I really didn’t pay much attention to what I was spending and where it was going, TOL has opened the door and my eyes to such an incredible movement.

Favourite Experience thus far? Travelling around Europe, seeing and NFL game in person, and being able to be around to witness all my nieces and nephew being born.  Just missed the first one by one flight from London.

My biggest Dream in life?  Owning my own property on a lake surrounded by family and friends.  Starting a family one day. To be successful in my business.  Knowing that I was able to help people  become healthier and happier in life.