Name: Shweta Khurana

Location: Jaipur,Rajasthan,India

Occupation: Social Entrepreneur

Describe yourself in 3 words: Extrovert, Spiritual and Grounded

What do you love about your life:

For me life is never tough. I firmly believe that Life shrinks or expands on proportion to one’s courage. Life is meant to be lived. Being alive itself is a big blessing. One should never forget the purpose of life-  For me it is to create a beautiful world. Those who are blessed with beautiful life have all the more reason to make this world even more beautiful.

What is your experience with Tribe of Lambs?

Truly speaking, it was an eye opener for me. Tribe of Lambs is working hard to aspire Ethical Shoppers and to develop compassionate consumerism. My short meet and interaction with Bobbi was memorable. The vibes we shared during our first meet was a clear sign about our long term association

Importance of our School Scholars Project:

As they say, A child without education, is like a bird without wings. We at RAYS  firmly believe that this is one gift that no one can take away from the child. We are so grateful to Tribe of Lambs for supporting the project which is so close to our hearts. School Scholar Project is one of the mediums to connect these children to the main stream. Our heartfelt gratitude to the whole team and supporters who are working upon this project.

Private School Vs Government schools, what are your thoughts?

It has always been our endeavour to provide our children the best of everything. As  the level of education that private schools provide is surely better then government schools . Moreover Hygiene and Sanitation is a major concern for us. As our children are sensitive to infections, we have to take extra care when it comes to cleanliness and surroundings. Another major reason is also to make them feel a part of main stream and our society. As we all know that the discrimination rate against HIV in India is very high so all are efforts are to eliminate the gaps between them.

Biggest Dream of My Life:

After staying in so many different cities of the country and choosing Jaipur to be our final destination was a choice made by our souls.. Rays aasha ki ek kiran has been a major deciding factor in reaffirming  our decision. Now that we have taken this decision I want to prove it to be the best thing in our lives. As of now at RAYS – AASHA KI EK KIRAN, we have 57 children.  The vision is to expand it to a minimum number of 200 children and provide them with  world class facilities. A dream home where the child is nurtured with not only love, compassion, good values but also to all the development that is  happening around us.  A spacious home with green Lawns, Play area, Pre-school, a small dispensary, recreational hall, library, computer room and so on. My dream is to leave a legacy of good memories with them. And it is through them that ill be able to see that spark of pride and  happiness in my parents eyes..

Thank you.