Name: Vijay Manwani

Location: Pushkar, Rajasthan and Manali, H.P.

Born: In one village called Naraina Rajasthan

What do you love about your life? Love to make people happy

How are you involved with the Tribe? I have involved with Tribe because of my family and tradition of Rajasthan

What do you love about the Tribe? I love about tribe because handmade and made by wonderful artists

How is the Tribe impacting you? Tol is impacting us because it’s for helping others so we are happy that we are connected with tol

Your favourite life experience thus far? Travel to Nepal 2009 it was good experience

Your biggest dream in life: My biggest dream is to look after family and helping to others

*Vijay and his family of jewellers are our primary producers of our handcrafted jewelry. We began working with Vijay at his small shop in Manali upon launching our crowdfunding campaign. It was only earlier this year that we transitioned to working exclusively with his family’s workshops in Pushkar & Jaipur as we continue to grow. Vijay is 31 years old & has recently had a baby girl with his wife! He truly is a kind, loving & hardworking family man. Thank you to him for always continuing to work with us & help us grow.