Yashasvi Bajaj / Yashi
Jaipur, Rajasthan
21 December 1992
Clinical Psychologist

Instagram handle: @yashasvi_bajaj

Describe yourself in 3 words: Passionate. Loyal. Grateful.

What do you love about your life? I have always been blessed with more love and appreciation than I can ever deserve.

How are you a member of the Tribe?  I had the opportunity of meeting two tribe leaders, Bobbi and Phil while their visit to Jaipur last year. I was so amazed by the beautiful work they do and how passionately they do it. It doesn’t happen often that we meet complete strangers and yet don’t feel the distance that we do with others, and that is how meeting them made me feel. You both are the most beautiful, passionate and hard working people I have met and it wasn’t long before I was a member of the Tribe. The energy and positivity that Tribes bought into our lives here will always stay.

What do you love about the Tribe? Not only did they work so hard for the future of our children at RAYS, but during their visit, they had a personal relationship with each child. They worked so hard on developing the interests the kids have, helping them with their academics and most of all, understanding their life and the challenges they have faced. You spread joy everywhere you go and we all love you for it!

How is TOL impacting you? RAYS is an organization I hold very close to my heart and Tribe made is possible for us to run it more smoothly. The contribution that Tribe made was not limited to the Finances, the quality time you spent with the children is the most beautiful and invaluable contribution.

 Favourite life experience thus far? Joining RAYS and watching the children turn into confident adults.

What is your biggest dream in life? To be able to contribute in removing the prejudice that is so heavily associated with HIV and Mental Illness.