Name: Zach Miller (medicalboy)

Location: Kullu, India

Born: Vancouver, Canada

Occupation: Front-end Web Designer


Describe yourself in 3 words: naughty, chatty, spontaneous 

What do you love about your life? The freedom and spontaneity

How are you a member of the Tribe? Bobbi once called me the father of the tribe, but I think that’s kind of pushing it. 🙂 I helped build the first Tribe landing page, as well as the first iteration of the Tribe web store and blog. I continue to help out the Tribe with web related issues from time to time.

What do you love about the Tribe? I love the Tribe’s spirit of generosity and their hands on approach. They don’t just say they want to create change and help children in need, they literally do it with their own hands. That’s rare and should be applauded!

What Tribe of Lambs product do you rock? The men’s white t-shirt. I love it! The material is so soft it feels like a second skin.

How is TOL impacting you? Bobbi, a founding member of the Tribe, and Phil, a devoted Tribe partner, are very close friends of mine who I love to bits! They have impacted me in that their presence in my life has enriched my life. They both have an original sense of freedom. This freedom shows in the charitable work they do, and the unique products they design. Tribe of Lambs was also one of my first clients, when I was a fledgling web designer with minimal skills. So the Tribe has impacted me financially as well.

Favourite life experience thus far? In 2015 I spent a week in the Yukon and Alaska. Seeing grizzly bears, wolves, caribou, moose and bald eagles was one of the most memorable experiences for me. Seeing these stunning creatures in the wild is something very special…seeing it on TV or in pictures just isn’t the same.

What is your biggest dream in life? I live in India, in the foothills of the Himalayas, in a beautiful house on the mountainside. I’m pretty sure I’m living my dream. 🙂