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Amount Raised: $1567.00 | Dates:  June 8th -13th 2015

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Our Street Meet Project was made possible through the help of our gifting partner Gramiksha.
Gramiksha is a not-for-profit organization run by university students and united with the mission of:

Building the India of our Dreams – Be the Change.
Gramiksha team of volunteers and kids

Only a few years old, the organization now has branches in 5 cities across India. Operating solely by volunteers and with donations from the community, its sole focus is on education – not only ensuring all children have equal access to education, but also to improve the poor level of education offered in government schools. With projects in both urban and rural areas, the impact they’ve already created has surpassed many non-profits with paid staff and far more resources to support their causes. On career paths of becoming engineers, child psychologists,

scientists, teachers and artists, and many more professions, is where these young Indians are headed and the pressure from society and family to succeed is very high. However, the Gramiksha volunteers take time from busy schedules and spend precious energy focusing on lifting the children of India from poverty into an educated future. They’ve welcomed Tribe of Lambs into their compassionate family and we look forward to supporting many more of their projects in the future.

Location: Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh – Central India
Beneficiaries: 80 Slum Children and 150 Government School Children enrolled in Gramiksha Project.
Volunteers: 15 Gramiksha Volunteers and Bobbi as our Tribe of Lambs Representative.

Gramiksha kids & Volunteers

Items Gifted:

80 Backpacks

Each backpack contained sandals, a toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, a face towel, talcum powder, hair oil, a comb, mosquito repellent, a drawing book, a writing book, crayons, pencils, an eraser, a sharpener, juice boxes and biscuits. COST – $697.00


5th and 6th standard tuition for Deepal and Arjay to attend English Medium Schools rather than the low level government schools. Poor families often don’t find value in sending their children to government school and would rather keep them doing household work or earning income for the family. To sponsor a child to a higher level of education can offer opportunity not only to the child but the family as well. COST – $269.00

Projector + Sound System

A projector and sound system for the Gramiksha Organization. This equipment will enable Gramiksha to conduct their rural and urban programs. Their programs often have up to 100 children and it’s difficult to carry out the lessons with limited resources such as visuals and sound. COST – $602.00

Delivery Details:

Street Meet was completed at 3 separate locations near Gwalior city slums. We met and interacted with the different groups of children over the course of a week and it was such a pleasure to get to know the children and enjoy their infectious energy. On the final day of our project, together with the team of volunteers, we hand delivered all the backpacks we had purchased and were met with a lot of laughter and joy. It was a great opportunity to share the generous contributions from our Tribe members with those deserving children in need.

For more information about Gramiksha please visit their website www.gramiksha.in

Check out Tribe of Lambs blog for more on this project https://tribeoflambs.com/news-announcements/street-meet-complete/

Bobbi with Gramiksha Kids and a Volunteer
Smiling Gramiksha Kids
Gramiksha Kids Sitting on Steps
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