Birthstone Feature: January

Happy Birthday January-ers!

Did you know your birthstone is Garnet? We love this rich, deep, red colour – at first glance it could be mistaken for black, but when it catches the light, the red shines through.

Indian GarnetQualities and Benefits

The garnet has been used to reduce body toxins, purify vital organs and blood, and assists in assimilation of vitamins and minerals. Emotionally it provides a protective and calming influence during use and is thought to heal melancholy and depression, strengthening the survival instinct, and bringing courage and hope into critical situations.

Garnet balances energy, bringing serenity or passion as appropriate and can inspire love and balance the sex drive. Garnet is considered a lucky stone, for love, success, and for business relationships. It helps you let go of old behaviour patterns and boosts self-confidence.

So, children of January (or friends to the children of January) – check out our Garnet products below. Or share with anyone you know that could benefit from these powerful Garnet vibes.

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