Carefree? Anything but.

Kathryn Duncan

Author: Kathryn Duncan

To live without worry or care would be the priceless dream for us all. To dance through the walks of life hassle and conscience free, to do what we want when we want would be the utopia for us humans. No calorie related guilt, no pang of remorse at when your Topshop binge is rung up on the till. This feeling of abandonment is the very intangible smoke that large co-operations want and encourage us to chase after. Those retail giants encouraging us to spend our hard earned cash without second thought. But as reality tends to, the harsh bite is that to live without care, a care for the world and people around us would be a virtual impossibility. So where have our latest must have fashion items been manufactured? Who is making them and what is the environmental impact of those can’t live without jeans? These questions have been percolating for a while and are nothing new. I’d simply like to highlight that due to that lovely thing coined the Internet we, the consumer have so many choices to purchase with transparency. Websites like and Not On The High let us buy from small, ethically produced brands with an explained supply chain. Love it or hate it, social media and online platforms have allowed the bedroom entrepreneur to put up a valiant fight against the enormous fashion retailers.

When it comes to truly ethical fashion, jewellery brand ‘ Tribe of Lambs’ could appear under the Wikipedia definition. Gorgeous sterling silver jewellery, designed by it’s Founders in Canada and produced ethically in rural India. All profits are donated to an orphanage and treatment centre that empowers the lives of children living with HIV. Canadian founder Bobbi Jo Paidel, whilst travelling through India saw the rich potential of the country’s wealth of raw material. With a plenty of work experience in the fashion industry in the Western world she also recognised the disconnect between consumerism and compassionate consumerism. ‘Tribe of lambs’ went from idea to full term birth and is growing at a rapid speed.

With that I urge you, especially over this festive season is to consider where those presents have been made, who is affected and are you shopping with consideration and consciousness? Can you spend a few more minutes researching before the parting with your cash? The opposite of carefree shopping.


Written by Kathryn Duncan, from Kathryn Duncan Jewellery. 

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