Celebrating Landmarks

As a fairly new addition to the not-for-profit world, we enjoy celebrating landmarks as we grow. With any start-up you have ups and downs, what keeps the Tribe going is the Tribe itself – our customers, our followers, our supporters, our people!

In May this year we gained 2 great additions to our Tribe, additions that dedicate an enormous amount of time, marketing and funds to help the Tribe grow; to help the Tribe do more for our beneficiaries (all the beautiful HIV positive kids in India).

Sponsorship of not-for-profits and charitable organisations can make a BIG difference. We fund our compassion projects through the sale of our jewelry and clothing products, direct contributions from individuals and now, company sponsorship.

The key difference is that direct contributions and sponsorship have no overhead, no taxes, no labour costs, no material purchases, no shipping fees…direct contributions go straight to our work in India.

This is a huge landmark for Tribe of Lambs – this additional financial and marketing support means we can be bigger and better than ever before. Bigger projects, more children, wider reach. We want our entire Tribe to help us celebrate the work we’re doing, because you’re all part of something good.

We want to formally acknowledge and welcome these 2 wonderful sponsors to the Tribe: Ramki Heating (London, UK) & Nicli Antica Pizzeria (Vancouver, Canada). Not only have these organisations joined our Tribe, but so have all of Ramki and Nicli customers – Welcome to the Tribe!


How they contribute:

  • £50 from each boiler installation
  • £2 from each boiler service
  • £1 from each gas certificate issued
  • $1 from each daily feature pizza sold!
  • Sharing the Tribe story with each and every customer

We love when people truly believe in the Tribe and our mission to make a difference in creating opportunities and bright futures for HIV positive children in India.

Together we give.

Interested in joining the Tribe through sponsorship?

Get in touch – we always love new additions to the Tribe.


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