Children of India

With all of the issues and concerns that face our world today- we often get asked
“Why is the 'at-risk' child in India the beneficiary of Tribe of Lambs Compassion Projects?”

When you walk down the street (in a developed country) to see a homeless child is heart wrenching.  It is disturbing, sad and their face will probably be in your thoughts for days.  It is a rare occurrence and it calls you into action, whether it be helping that actual child or donating to the food bank.  

When you walk down the streets in India there are hundreds of homeless children, so many that you start to become immune to it.  The poverty no longer stands out, but becomes the norm.

 “ An Indian child is more likely to be malnourished, have inadequate sanitation, not attend school, remain illiterate and marry underage, than is a child from any other global region 

– cited from

It is virtually impossible to know the amount of street children in India due to the lack of recording, but it is estimated to be approximately 11 million, with over 140 million children living on less than $1/day. With such staggering statistics it is understandable, that dependent on their situation,  many of them don’t receive Government identification when they are born.  Without the identification they cannot access education, health care or social assistance of any kind, they become “forgotten children”.    

Children are vulnerable enough, but to add homelessness, and/or parentless to this, many of them will fall victim to abuse.

– 1 out of 4 girls will be sexually assaulted before age 4.
– 46% of children under 5 are malnourished
– Only 61% of children make it to grade 5
– There are over 2 million girls aged 5-18 in the sex trade industry
– Approx 60 million child labourers working 10+ hrs a day to support themselves

How can an individual make a difference?

We, Tribe of Lambs, partner with local NGO’s because rather than just give monetary donations.  We have met extraordinary, compassionate, innovative individuals running the organizations for at-risk children, they know exactly what is needed to make a difference but often lack the resources to fund their ideas.  Tribe of Lambs donate part of our sales to these (hand picked) organizations in the form of projects… Did you know that providing a child with a school uniform can increase school attendance by 62%*?  How can we make a difference for these children?   

The old adage runs true “Giving a man a fish will feed him for a day, but teaching a man to fish will feed him for a lifetime.” 

Please note: Our intention at Tribe of Lambs is not to gain pity, but to raise awareness and engage in the conversation of how we can make a difference. We are out to empower children and give them the tools and confidence to live lives based on their passions- not their circumstances. 

Check out our current Compassion Project “Street Meet” and if you wish to donate directly to this project please contact us at before June 8th 2015.

*Statistics sited from

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