Connection is the core of You, it’s the core of Tribe.

We are all connected on a cellular level. We were once made out of stardust, limitless and without worry. But through evolution we often forget this simple fact. We choose to ignore the pain felt from others, because it can become too much to bare. But, if you look deep inside beneath the bone and into the darkest pits of yourself you will find connection. You will see your sorrows and suffering within all beings, and at the same time your own light will be illuminated. You will cultivate a sense of love for every being who has bravely chosen to emerge in this lifetime, or the next. You will see yourself in all living things.

If you experience a sense of disconnect, remember that we are all one. And, choose to adorn yourself without harming others. Often times jewelry companies use cheaply produced jewelry, without a care for the artesian or the ground where the products were sourced. While these pieces might look beautiful, the energy vibrating inside is not.

That’s why Tribe shines so brightly. Their jewelry can be worn with pride, not just because their pieces are stunning. But because they are making a difference in the world.

They have set their sights on some of the most forgotten communities in modern day and are making a positive impact in their lives. Every piece of jewelry helps a child in India who is HIV positive. These children are often cast out of society, left alone to fend for themselves. Instead of turning a blind eye, Tribe is dedicated to changing the statistics by offering these children hope. They are spreading awareness and resources to children who need help. Not only are they creating a new way of life for those in need, they work directly with artisans in India and make sure that they are safe and happy.

In a world where it’s so easy to choose to wear something beautiful because it makes you joyful, remember that we are all one. And choose to adorn yourself with something that supports someone in need. Make the brave choice to feel the pain and the suffering in the world, and actively do something to change it. We all have the power to transform society, but it will take a tribe.

Written for Tribe of Lambs by Ashlee McDougall

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