Dream Big Project Complete

Because every dream matters.

With all our Compassion Projects there is always a lingering uncertainty if we will fulfill on our promise, meet our finacial goals, make the deadline, & most importantly get the logistics in place to actually complete it. Yet we always do. With heart & soul & a lot of generous contributors, we’ve successfully completed 5 projects as promised. Our most recent project marks the start of a new partnership with Rays Home for HIV Positive Children & it also marks a turning point for Tribe of Lambs in that we are now committed to supporting HIV Positive children in Rajasthan & across the world.

After reaching the project deadline on May 15th, Fadi & myself had the opportunity to go and visit the classes at Landmark Educational Centre. It was amazing to see all these kids learning, expressing, & generally having a good time in their studies. Because they are on summer holidays from “regular” school, it is a great chance for the children to further develop their computer, arts & crafts, etiquette & language skills in which they don’t get to utilize in their regular school.

It was a successful project in it’s own right but the most important aspect for us was creating this new relationship & understanding towards HIV Positive Children in India. Had we not taken on the Dream Big Project we would not have been introduced to the struggles these children face – or the need for us to do more. We are currently developing our next project, in which we hope to offer Ray’s some sustainability & expansion opportunities. Keep Posted! Together we Give

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