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At Tribe of Lambs we advocate ethical fashion. Shopping consciously is a way we can ALL have a positive impact on the world! That’s why we love Neesha Amrish, an ethical fashion designer who founded Aesaane – producing scarfs using peace silk.

Her minimalist designs and use of geometric shapes merge modern design with traditional techniques to create beautiful products.

It usually takes 2,500 silkworms to produce one pound of silk. Working with tribal silkworm rearers in the hinterlands of India, she ensures no harm becomes these little worms.

“I started Aeshaane in my backyard with just a simple thought of creating awareness about ‘animal free’ fabric. It was a liberating experience to own and wear my first piece of guilt free fabric.” Neesha Amrish

With Neesha’s peace silk, the silk worm is not killed in the process but allowed to emerge naturally from the cocoon.

Neesha started her Aeshaane venture to collaborate with rural woman to not only utilise their talents in creating their own yarn and hand looming, but to bring some local flair to each scarf.

By working with local artisans Neesha is not only creating cruelty free silk, Neesha is also empowering local women and creating economic growth in their communities.

“It’s been a fulfilling journey of self-discovery, strength and determination that I did not know I possessed and the humble rural families who joined hands with me to live life with a real purpose” Neesha Amrish

Check out some of her beautiful pieces at

We love what Neesha is creating in this world. Although we don’t have any animals in our production line, we do have a strong ethical standpoint, just like Neesha. We support similar, small manufacturers in India – each one of our jewellery producers abides local labour laws, what we deem as good working conditions, hours and pay. By working with smaller workshops we can ensure our standards are met and that we make a more significant impact with our business.

To meet some of the people who make our jewelry, check out our stories.

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