Our highlights from 2015

Here are the top ten highlights from our first year of business, plus a few of our favourite products from 2015!

Number 10

Meeting YOU – sounds cheesy, but we loved talking to you at trade shows, sipping champagne at Esme, reading your emails and receiving such positive feedback. Knowing that you are supporting us and our projects is what drives us to work longer hours to continue on this journey.

Number 9

Getting our business loan from Futurepreneur after submitting our awesome business plan and being accepted!

Number 8

Our AGM in December with all 3 Tribe Directors in the same geographical location.

Number 7

Setting up our magical tent at our first sales day in July, complete with twinkle lights and good music.

Number 6

Our webstore going live and having our very first order hit our inbox! Thank you!!!!

Number 5

Paying Deepal & Arjay’s tuition so they could continue going to school after a year of scholarship had run out – we didn’t want them to have to drop out, and are so happy that the Tribe could be there for them.

Number 4

Our custom designed products arriving in the mail, after months of suspense.

Number 3

Having dance class with the beautiful children at Street Meet in the energetic slums of India, and having your help raising $1,567 for that project.

Number 2

Meeting people and having them tell US about Tribe of Lambs! We will never forget that!

Number 1

Phone call with Sudershana picking out her bread oven for her children’s home, and having your help raising $2,450 for her and the children she takes care of.

Our favourite products from 2015

Bobbi Paidel's Portrait

Bobbi’s favourite

[product id="1798"]
Dani Shaw's Portrait

Dani’s favourite

[product id="1876"]
Phil Haley's Portrait

Phil’s favourite

[product id="1875"]

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