India Through Our Eyes….

Video's are a pretty cool way for us to share the Tribe journey with you...

I put together some of the footage taken on the Tribe trip this past spring. What an adventure that was!

Check it out & feel good!

There’s always many questions people ask about travelling, and now doing business, in India…Is it scary? Is it dirty? Is it chaotic? 

The list really does go on.

While yes it is sometimes scary (just like travelling alone anywhere can be) and some places are dirty, there’s always something chaotic waiting around the corner, but even so, India is a serene place for me.

I’ve found that in both business and pleasure…the most magical thing about India is the people. When the city knocks you down, someone will always be there to lend a hand or directions or food or a comforting smile. Indians are not only hard working and sincere, they’re also inventive & entrepreneurial. It’s inspiring if nothing else. Of course there will always be “bad people” where ever you go, just like here in Canada. And in a country of more than 1 billion, it’s impossible not to encounter uncomfortable experiences.  But removing ourselves from our comfort zones will only result in personal growth and new found strength. It is a place of such extreme opposites, there is no way not to feel ALIVE & ENERGIZED.

India will always bring me back because of the opportunities, the people and the calming sense of home I am always welcomed too.

Tribe of Lambs is my dream job…To share the magic of India with you through our products and stories. To share our abundant market with our small producers, empowering fair trade. And the most important sharing of all is that of your generosity with our beneficiaries.

Thanks for watching and helping us help others.

Shop Consciously. Live Compassionately.

 Bobbi xx 

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