Kabam to the rescue!

No, we’re not talking about some superhero you’ve never heard of, or some amazing cleaning product that promises to save you from kitchen cleaning nightmares.

KabamKabam is one of those super cool an entertainment company that is one of the world’s leaders in mobile games. As all super cool West Coast tech company does, Kabam has an office in the centre of Vancouver that you just want to play in all day – these guys have a LOT of fun! Snack stations, themed meeting rooms, fuzeball, ping pong, sports bar, speakeasy bar and of course sleeping pods (when it all gets too much).

These Kabam kids, while being super cool, they’re also super compassionate. Once a month they host a fundraiser in their speakeasy bar, paid for by the organization, run by employees for a cause they feel passionate about. All funds raised are then matched by Kabam!

In the last 2 years we’ve been Kabam’s cause of choice for 2 of these fun-time-Friday-fundraisers! We’re so honoured to have Kabam on our side, taking time and energy to organize these amazing parties to help fund our projects with HIV positive kids in India. What’s even more encouraging is the amount people reach into their pockets to help -raising over $2,000 for our projects!!

This is a big fat THANK YOU to all the cool kids at Kabam, and Kabam itself for being such a progressive, inclusive, compassionate organization. ✌️❤️


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