Shop for good this spring with Ethical style.

A great start to living more consciously begins at the way we shop. Buying ethical takes time & consideration so enjoy the journey & take pleasure in slowing down your spending habits.

Before you race online with your credit card on hand & urge to do good in the world, it’s essential you look at what is already hanging in your closet & thoughtfully decide what you truly “need”.

  • What do you have multiples of?
  • What can be recycled or repaired?
  • What are you missing for staples?
  • What pieces can you bring into your wardrobe to compliment the things you already have?

Once you’ve asked yourself the important questions & looked at old favourites with a fresh eye,  you can carry on to shopping cart bliss & wait for the gifts of goods to be delivered to your door.

The One Stop Shops.

Your "Ethical Department Stores" Online & at your leisure my lady




ECOHABITUDE is a socially conscious market place with over 1000 brands. Each brand is responsible for listing their footprints from sweat-shop free to zero waste. We love them a little extra because they feature a Tribe of Lambs shop.




ETHICA  Style with Standards. This eCommerce shop is spot on with aesthetic. Its definitely higher end but they’ve got pretty killer sales (winter sale right now!)



MODVANTI Life, Consciously styled. A hub for mens, womens, lifestyle & beauty products. #wearwhatmatters




ZADY is a lifestyle destination for conscious consumers. They’ve been a Tribe favourite from the beginning with their focus on timeless style & solid construction. Sign up for their newsletter “The New(s) Standard” it is next level. #knowyoursource




{NEWCOMER} NEW CLASSICS Don’t sacrifice style for sustainability. A bit pricey but they feature luxury sustainability and offer free worldwide shipping. Oh and shout out for being Canadian! Check out their HECK YES Sale.

The Basics.

Brands that will build the essentials in your Ethical Wardrobe



EVERLANE Make the most beautiful essentials, at the best factories, without traditional markups. Love love love their basics from shirts to shoes. Check out their “choose what you pay” section!

People Tree



UK based PEOPLE TREE  is pioneer in fair trade & ethical garment production available online. A hub for simples & basics yet never compromise integrity or quality. Visit the site to meet ALL the producers, world wide. The inspiring founder Safia Minney was featured on The True Cost.

Brands We Love.

Some things just make you go tick

Tribe Ethical Shopping Guide



{Tribe Favourite} ReFormation make killer clothes that don’t kill the environment. We are obsessed. Basics PLUS so much more. They offer a free return shipping label for recycling old clothes, just introduced a wedding line, & exactly track the impact each garment has on the environment.

Tribe Ethical Shopping Guide


Denim brand NUDIE is the OG in organic cotton denim, social responsibility & transparent production method. Treat your boomba right. Nudies are available across Canada for trying & buying.

Tribe Ethical Shopping Guide



KROCHET KIDS will always be our stop for head gear. Why not buy a beanie that’s signed by the person who made it & empower whole communities while you’re at it?

Tribe Ethical Shopping Guide




SUDARA is a loungewear nonprofit & empowers women working to remain free from sex slavery. Made with hope in India (yay!)

Tribe ethical shopping guide



MARY YOUNG Lingerie. Canadian made. Made for comfort. Made for All. Her garments “emphasize comfort with the use of jerseys, knits and soft elastics to encourage appreciation of the natural body”. This fierce #ladyboss has got us hooked.

Tribe Ethical Shopping Guide




APOLIS is for the men with heart in your life. Having a model of advocacy through industry, their products are sleek and their message is clear.

Tribe Ethical Shopping Guide



FORTRESS OF INCA are fair trade handmade shoes from Peru. Shoes are a tough one because it’s difficult to find quality non-leather shoes which are produced ethically & don’t lack by design. If you have to go leather, go fair trade.

Second Hand.

One mans junk is another mans treasure. Oh and landfill free!

Tribe Ethical Shopping Guide


THREDUP is a mecca for consignment & second hand goods. Seriously though, save your wallet & the planet and still score your designer labels.

Tribe Ethical Shopping Guide


ASOS Marketplace has over 700 vintage boutiques & independent labels (Like CAKED!) to shop one of a kind pieces.  Vintage & second hand is the perfect outlet for adding the sparkle to your (now ethical) wardrobe.

Tribe Ethical Shopping Guide



URBAN RENEWAL is for those who love the look & principle behind buying used but don’t feel like schlepping through Value Village racks. Be warned! These carefully curated vintage pieces have a price tag. But they follow suite with Urban Outfitters desirable aesthetic.

Are you inspired yet?

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