Why? What does that even mean???

As we are creating and building Tribe of Lambs we have been learning SO much about ethical fashion (vs fast fashion*) and conscious shopping.

Being a mom of two littles I was very proud of myself for shopping non GMO, local and organic foods- I actually put a lot of thought into my groceries and where they came from, but yet I still bought majority of our clothing from big box stores like Joe Fresh and Gap. I love getting a big ‘bang’ for my buck! It never occurred to me that there would be an impact on someone else because I just scored that T-shirt for $3…

After reading about Fashion Revolution Day (annually on Apr 24th for the tragedy that happened in Bangladesh, when Rana Plaza collapsed, injuring over 2500 and killing 1133 people) I began looking into #whomademyclothes. I got very curious as to where my clothes came from, who made them, and what their lives were like. There is a new documentary on Netflix called “The True Cost” which is also very thought provoking and eye opening.

Get Curious people!

We live in a very wealthy society, we vote every day with our dollars, make your vote count.

I set a goal for 2015 to shop consciously for myself and my family. There are SO many conscious companies out there that:

  • Treat their employees well
  • Have great products and
  • Give back to the people/planet.

I would way rather give our hard earned money to those companies… Imagine what the world would look like if every time we bought something, or paid for a service, it impacted another life in a positive way?! AMAZING!

“Ya but I like $3 T-shirts!!” I get it, I am a mom, I am a penny pincher and often the ‘conscious’ choice is more expensive so these are the 4 questions I ask myself for each purchase (in order)…

Can I make it?

No I am not crafty or a talented seamstress, but (i.e) if my littles pants have holes in the knees we cut them into shorts. Big T-Shirts make great pyjamas. Summer dresses look cute as a tunic with leggings… Etc. etc

Can I get it second hand?

There are SO many great thrift stores! Our family calls our thrift store trips “adventures” because you never know what treasures you might find in there! Especially with kids clothes, because they grow so fast there are many items in a thrift store, hardly worn and some brand new with tags!

Can I get a conscious brand?

Google it! There are so many out there- from underwear to jewellery to skin care to wedding dresses you name it!

Made in Canada?

If I am making a ‘new’ purchase and cannot find a social brand, I will opt to buy items made in a country with strong labour laws.

Note* Seed Yoga is a eco friendly, sustainable brand AND is made in Canada!

Conscious Consuming takes some practice and I am definitely still learning- one purchase at a time!

I would love to MASTER it!

I am so passionate about it!


If you have some tips to share we would LOVE to hear them at sayhello@tribeoflambs.com or comment on this post.


Live Compassionately. Shop Consciously. Together we Give.



*Fast Fashion: a term used to describe cheap and affordable clothes which are the result of catwalk designs moving into stores in the fastest possible way in order to respond to the latest trends (www.macmillandictionary.com)

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