Stand by Tribe!

So we’ve got some good news and some bad news, the good news is the Tribe is blowing up across the U S of A, which is wonderful. We’ve been sharing our Tribe vibe at festivals, pop ups, markets and rodeos across the country and our inventory is flying off the shelf. Growing our Tribe, spreading our vibes and making lots of money for our projects in India!

This does mean our ‘on the road’ inventory is dwindling, so to keep up this momentum we’re having our website stock sent to us here. Now while running low on inventory is a WONDERFUL problem to have, it does mean our website has been placed on backorder while we wait for another shipment from our talented artisans in India.

We’re expecting our fresh batch of pretty things by July 31st. So from from now until the beginning of August, you can place orders for anything live on our site and 1 of 2 things will happen:

  1. If we have it in stock, we’ll ship to you from wherever we are that day.
  2. If we don’t have it in stock, you’ll have to wait a little to receive your Tribe package, but no later than the first week of August.

Also, you can always message us to check our ‘on the road’ inventory before placing an order:

We know this isn’t ideal, but we’re growing fast and furious (yay) and appreciate your support, love and understanding.

Thanks for being part of something good.

Phil & Bobbi


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