The Power of Generosity

Wow. How incredible is it to follow up with our beneficiaries and note the significant change as a result of our projects. Sudershana and her (now) 20 children are flourishing and happy as always, and truly appreciating the power of generosity.

A visit to Sudershana’s home is always an experience which warms the heart. Since the beginning, she and her children have been an inspiration to the tribe. Sudershana fully understands the value of a loving home environment necessary for a child to reach his or her full capacity. The situation for many Indian children is that they are provided basic care from government programs and orphanages but lack the love and emotional support so essential for development.

This is not the case at Sudershana’s. We stopped in for an afternoon to check out the new solar panels and oven we provided from our Warm Dough ProjectThe most exciting part about revisiting this project was really seeing the impact that has been made in their lives as a result of constant access to free power. Not only are the monthly bills around $30 – $50 less, but in the many power outages in the area, the children don’t have to suffer. Sudershana happily mentioned;

“The children no longer have to study for exams by candle light!”

It’s the simple things in life which we take for granted, power, as I’ve come to realize is one of them.

A huge thank you again to all of our generous contributors, customers & friends who have helped us make projects like these possible.

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