The Tribe jewelry – from their hands to yours

What makes Tribe of Lambs custom pieces so extra special?

The journey of our custom product line has been one of epic proportions – from conception to delivery our silver jewelry has traveled far to get to you our most beloved customer! Designed with a compassionate consumer in mind, handcrafted by hard working Indian artisans, named after inspiring children living in poverty and worn lovingly by a special someone who truly believes that “Together we give”. Our Tribe doesn’t start with us and end with you – there is much in between worth sharing and celebrating.

#1. Bobbi conceptualizes designs back home in YYC. Although she is not a “designer” she is the dreamer and uses her experience in fashion and commerce to consider what the western consumer will love to wear.

#2. The tribe grows with the meeting of Craft Resources Centre (CRC) Kolkata. They are the connection between us, the international buyer, and the artisan. Together, with owner Irani (pictured) and designer Sumita, we confirm the designs which will be moved forward to samples.

#3. After 5 weeks of waiting for completion of the samples, Bobbi and Sumita travel to Jaipur, Rajasthan to meet the producer and approve the products.

#4. Samples and changes confirmed. Meeting with the artisans helped shed light on the importance of fair trade principles.

#5. After three months products are sent from producer in Jaipur to CRC Kolkata head office for quality control and shipping. Then finally CRC sends the anticipated goods in a locked box via insured speed post to Dani at our office in Ardrossan, AB.

#6. Products are priced accordingly considering all costs and factors, tagged and logged into our inventory. Next up – photoshoot!

#6. Products are named after beneficiaries, inspiring volunteers or people involved in helping us with our mission. We named the Babita ring after this beautiful girl at Sudershana’s children’s home. We want to inspire the wearer to remember Babita when telling the story of her jewelry.

#7. Products are uploaded to website designed and created by our friends at Superfein Creative Studio They worked for many hours and invested a lot of loving energy to our webstore for a great shopping experience. 

#8. Products are purchased, worn and loved by compassionate consumers from Canada to Australia and beyond.

#9. 10% from each sale is returned into our Compassion Projects We are currently working towards our Lambs for Literacy Project due to be completed January 2016. 

#10. As a result of the work of Tribe of Lambs, we are shortening the gap between “us and them”. It is through the sale of our fair trade jewelry that we hope to make the world a little smaller and a little brighter. Together, through your support, we can give and we can make a difference. ♥

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