Tips for a More Mindful Holiday

There’s no arguing that the holidays are the most magical time of the year- the celebrations, the family, the sugar cookies. It’s the time of year when you get to spend time with family and take a break from your busy work schedule.

Sometimes though the same things that bring magic also leave us feeling tired and overwhelmed and sucked dry of energy.

I have created a list of some simple tricks to keep you feeling your best mentally and physically during this holiday season. Let’s end 2018 feeling energized and full of life.

  1. Gratitude– a simple way to practice gratitude daily is by starting a gratitude journal. The way I do this is I make a list in my journal every morning when I wake up of 10 things I am grateful for. The holidays can sometimes bring out a LOT of emotions for people so this will keep you thinking all those beautiful, positive thoughts rather than dwelling on the things you don’t have.


  1. Exercise– why break your streak of daily endorphins just because it’s the holidays? Moving your body every day will absolutely make you feel happier and more positive around the holidays. You don’t have to attend your usual soul cycle class but you can easily hit up a down dog here and there or go for a quick jog to get your blood flowing and heart pumping. I promise you won’t regret it.


  1. Eat and drink mindfully– for some reason the holidays make me think I should stand for hours around a platter of sugar cookies and eat one after another. Let’s all try to eat more mindfully this year. YES treat yourself to cookies and pie and booze but let’s make sure we aren’t giving ourselves bellyaches every hour. Combat the bellyache by grabbing smaller portions and also drinking tons of water. The water will help you feel more full and will also help you digest. Also, when eating these treats eat them mindfully and taste them fully rather than just cramming one after another.


  1. Shop consciously– this season I am making it a goal to shop more mindfully. To do this I am buying smaller gifts that have more meaning. Think about who you are buying for and what you know about them and shop something that will really honor the connection you have with them. I have also been trying to shop solely from brands that are produced sustainably and also have a give back model. Truly gifts that keep on giving.


  1. Give back– This could mean donating coats or socks to homeless shelters, volunteering your time in the community, or simply smiling or speaking to someone you don’t know. Sharing the gift of love is what life is all about. This holiday season lets all try to shine our lights a little bit brighter and exert more love into the world.


  1. Unplug– Get off your phone and computers and hug your friends and families. The holidays are all about being with the ones we love so lets all try to be a bit more present this year and hold close the people we love


* Guest blog post by our friend and fellow Wanderluster Ashley @ash.griz

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