Tribe of Mothers

A little girl asked where her home was, replied, “where mother is.”

Keith L. Brooks

If we had one wish today, we would wish that all children around the globe could know the love of their Mother. Unfortunately for many – this isn’t reality. At Tribe of Lambs we believe it is OUR social responsibility to support children and advocate for, not only basic human rights, but also the rights to love and be loved, to laugh and smile, to create and grow and to be given equal opportunities in life. We’re looking to empower and support, just like a mom would.

Join us in celebrating and giving thanks for all the mothers in your life – each and every family is different and many are blessed with having moms everywhere – we rely on friends moms, aunts, grandmothers, great grandmothers! Take the opportunity to thank this Tribe of women in your life who have made a difference to you. Send them your love. We love an excuse to celebrate amazing people ❤️

How do you show appreciation for your mom (or whoever has been that motherly rock in your life)? It’s always a conundrum – what kind of gift says ‘Thanks for giving me life, feeding me, caring for me, raising me and sacrificing so much to give me my life’? Sometimes a box of chocolates doesn’t quite cut it…

If we may: Tribe of Lambs has an idea!

We are guessing that your mom is compassionate, beautiful and awesome. Would you love to send your mom shopping (consciously of course) for stylish accessories AND make a difference in a wonderfully sentimental way?

Buy your mom one of our gift cards to show her you care enough, to care for others. Together we give, and with this card your mom gets to choose her own gift while extending her ‘motherly love’ to a child who needs it most across the globe.

Your mom will get to choose from our brand new 2015 product line, which includes hand-woven scarves and handcrafted necklaces, bracelets and rings. There is something to suit everyone; from the quiet & conservative mom to the wild & outrageous momma! Product prices will range between $45-$75 with 10% of the sale going directly to our Street Meet Compassion Project.

Mother’s Day Gift Cards from Tribe of Lambs on Vimeo.

Send your gift card requests to and let us help you out with a love-filled, compassionate gift for your Motherly Tribe.

Lets fill all hearts with Love – Your heart, your mother’s heart, the children’s heart.

From our Tribe to your Tribe this Mother’s Day.


3 replies on “Tribe of Mothers

  • Deedee

    Well reading this clip with tears in my eyes was a bit tricky … Yes mothers make a huge difference in raising kids and communities. Also women without offspring birth new ideas that grow into life changing social networks … Look at Bobbi Paidel …. she works with children in India who will carry that gift forward … Way to go Team ! !

  • Tanya

    Great Idea! Fantastic to see someone making such a great difference. Would love to help by buying something for my mum, however I can’t seem to find a shop link anywhere ;-( I’m located in Australia, guessing that might be the reason. Best of luck with the future! Hope to see you expand to AU one day and effectively touch more hearts with love!

    • Bobbi Jo Paidel

      Hi Tanya!

      Thanks so much for your support and welcome to the Tribe. We will indeed be shipping to Australia, however our webstore is still underdevelopment as well we are currently working with Artisans in India to perfect our custom product line. We expect to be up and running online by end of August. Please please sign up for our newsletter to keep posted!!! Thanks again for the love. xx


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