Full name: Shanvi

Nickname: Shanu

Birthday: June 10th 2001

Location: Kullu Valley, Himachal Pradesh

What class are you in? +1class

Favourite subject? Accounts

Who is your best friend? Aditya, Bobbi, Jaya, Chaytna & Baal-ji

What is your dream when you grow up? My dream come Kullu SP(in Police Department big police women)

What do you love about India?  India is a nice place and here people are awesome. Here god lives and my Swamiji also. 

Shanvi is one of the first Indian youth we had the privilege of getting to know. She is quiet & shy however her energy is pure love. Shanvi  doesn’t live in an orphanage, nor is she sick or at risk. But she is a sweet young girl who loves her mom dearly & is on her way to fulfilling her dreams against many odds.