Compassion comes in all shapes and sizes….

As we prepare for the completion of our Street Meet Project, we've got to stop and give a shout out to all that contributed. Wow! We love you!

For some of us at home giving 5 or 10 dollars may not seem like a lot – but to these street and slum children it can mean the world. We had 28 AWESOME contributors for our “Street Meet” Compassion Project, but it was three special ladies in particular who helped us surpass our initial goal by over $500.

Maddie and Charlie opted out for gifts at their birthday parties this year and decided to raise money for Indian street children through the Tribe of Lambs compassion project.

These girls already are understanding the joy in giving back to those who need it most. 

I want to share with Bobbi cause the kids in India draw with sticks in the dirt.  They don’t have crayons.  They don’t have money.    Bobbi can go shopping for the kids.  It will make them happy and smile.” 

Name: Charlie

Location: Okotoks, Alberta, Canada

Age: 3

What do you do for fun? “Play.  I like to play babies.  I like to play at the park.  Swinging is my favourite.”

What is your favourite thing to do at preschool?  “Play with kids”

What is your favourite part of the TOL project?  “Helping the children in India”

What makes you the happiest? “Lennon.  I love Lennon. (her baby sister)”

What will you be when you grow up?  “A fairy.  A toothfairy”

Something Special about me? ” I am good at climbing.  I go to soccer.”

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Name: Madison Ashton

Location: Okotoks, Alberta, Canada

Age: 8

What do you do for fun? “Dance, art with my dad, read with my mom, watch movies as a family!”

What is your favourite subject? ”Art”

What is your favourite part of the TOL project? “That I made other people happy!”

What makes you happiest? “Ice cream and being with my family!”

What will you be when you grow up? “A teacher”

Tell us something special about YOU – “I have lots of talents, I’m sensitive, I’m loved by my family!”

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Shannon has joined up with us and donates 10% of her earrings to our Compassion Project – it’s generosity like her that will help make positive change in the world!

Name: Shannon Echlin

Company: Shannon Echlin Photography

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Occupation: Baby and Family Portrait Photographer

Describe yourself in 3 words: “Adventurous, soft-hearted, imaginative”

What do you love about your life? “I love my friends, family, my dog and my leisurely schedule but mostly ice cream (at least once a day, sometimes twice.)”

What has you contribute to Tribe of Lambs? “Shannon Echlin Photography donates 10% of all earnings from photo sessions and purchases to Tribe of Lambs Compassion Projects.”

How does Tribe Of Lambs impact your life? “Well, it always feels good to help people out. Especially kids who really need it. Tribe of Lambs gave me the opportunity to be part of something amazing so I’m really grateful for that!”

What have you always wanted to do in your lifetime? “I’ve always wanted to do everything, go everywhere! Life has so much to offer it’s hard to stay focused sometimes.”

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For more information on our Compassion Projects and how you can help…click over HERE!

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