GOAL REACHED: $2450 October 1st 2015

We have completed the funds for this project. Sudershana has received her bread oven and we are currently in the process of having her solar panels installed before the first snowfall in her area.

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Bobbi and Sudeshna's Kids

A unique aspect of the compassion projects at Tribe of Lambs is that we can tailor each project to specifically suit the needs of our beneficiaries. In 2014 we had the privilege of working with Sudeshna and the 17 children she cares for in Northern India. The needs of a private orphanage like this one are ongoing. She receives no government funding and relies on the community, donations and little income from selling produce from their garden, knitting and crafts.

In May of 2015 we went back to visit Sudeshna for an update, it was clear everyone was happy and healthy. Something that had struck us during out last visit, during the winter, was that the home was without power for almost a month straight (and quite regularly). This is not only due to the heavy snow falls and poor power lines in India, but also because of the remote location of her house. We came up with a few solutions to help ease this burden:

Sudeshna on a balcony

Bread Oven

The task of running to the store is not an option here, especially during winter. Trips to town happen maybe once a week when the children are on winter break from school. The kitchen has two kerosene elements, which can be very dangerous, and one fire stove. The convenience of a bread oven would be wonderful to provide the household with fresh bread daily. COST – $350 (Amazon India)

Solar Power

What good is a bread oven without power? Another solution we considered is a renewable energy source to provide light and power for the home. This solution is effective not only in the winter when power is unreliable, but also year-round to significantly reduce costs. We’re working with Manish Ram (formerly of Green Peace India) to create a plan to install solar power grids on Sudeshna’s roof. COST – $2100 (plan, grid, installation, and management tutorial).

Sudeshna's Kids in Manali

We are committed to keeping up with our beneficiaries and continuously supporting them as often we can. Usually, we choose to have a gifting partner, but sometimes like with Sudeshna, there is no organization we can work with confidently to distribute the full monetary amount.

Bobbi & Sudeshna and Kids

*This project is very dear to our hearts and we’re working very hard through sales to reach the goal necessary to fulfill on this project. To ensure the panels are installed before winter arrives, we need to collect the funds by October 2015.

We’re have reached our goal and invite you to visit other projects we’ve completed!

Please reach out to us at sayhello@tribeoflambs.com.

100% of donations to our compassion projects are used for just that – compassion!

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