Details on our work in India


School Scholars Project 2023-2024

Location: Jaipur, Rajasthan

Gifting Partner: Rays Children’s Home

Reach:  47 school aged  children and 10 college students

Goal Amount: $42,000

Contribution: For the 8th consecutive year, we’re working closely with Ray’s home to ensure these children are receiving the best education possible at private institutions. The quality of education is of utmost importance for the future of these children. We take care of all associated costs including;

  • Tuition at private English or Hindi medium schools
  • Tuition at private college or university of choice
  • Uniforms, Books & Supplies
  • Travel costs
  • Exam fees
  • Extra tutoring
  • Tablets & electronics
  • School Lunch Program
  • [NEW] 2 after school tutors

Current status;

  • Project launched April 15th 2023
  • Expected completion March 31st 2024

A little something extra: This is our ongoing project & our number one priority with fund allotment. We’re welcoming 7 new children into the home as well as funding 10 college going students. When we committed to this project 7 years ago, we thought it near impossible to procure the funds for regular school fees & now we’re happily supporting 47 school students & 10 college focused youth.

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[NEW] Akanksha Plus Project 2023-2024

Location: Shahdara, New Delhi

Gifting Partner: Anchal Charitable Trust 

Reach:  16 school aged  children

Goal Amount: $8500

Contribution: This 5 year pilot project recently launched promises to uplift the children of HIV positive sex workers from a North East Delhi slum area. Together, with Anchal, we’ve identified a gap in the current support schemes available for children affected by HIV in this area. Undertaking the elevation of the whole family unit by means of education and counseling it is our goal to end the familial cycle of poverty and sex work. We’ve committed to elevated the quality and access to education for these kids by the following means;

  • Tuition at private or government Hindi medium schools
  • Uniforms, Books & Supplies
  • Travel costs
  • Exam fees
  • Monthly nutrition packs for family

Our local in-country partner Anchal will be taking on the following responsibilities to support the successful fulfillment of this project:

  • Monthly check-in’s and family counseling with Anchal field worker
  • Dispursment of educational funds and family subsides
  • Ongoing support for family to ensure child’s education is priority

Current status;

  • Project launched July 5th 2023
  • Expected completion March 31st 2024

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School Scholars Project

Location: Jaipur, Rajasthan

Gifting Partner: Rays Children’s Home

Lifetime Total: $175,500 CAD


Total Reach:  57 school aged children + 10 college students

 Project Amount: $42,000CAD


Total Reach: 51 school aged children + 6 college students, including shift to online learning.

 Project Amount: $27,000 CAD


Total Reach: 48 school aged children + 3 college students

 Project Amount: $29,500 CAD


Total Reach: 41 school aged children + 10 college students

 Project Amount: $26,000 CAD


Total Reach: 46 school aged children & 8 college students

 Project Amount: $16,000 CAD


Total Reach: 48 Children

 Project Amount: $21,500 CAD


Total Reach: 54 Children

 Project Amount: $13,500 CAD

School Scholars

COVID-19 Emergency Fund 2020

This project was completed on December 31st 2020

Location: Jaipur, Rajasthan

Gifting Partner: Rays Children’s Home

Reach:  50 live in Children, 6 live out young adults, 13 live in caretakers, 8 new comer children {postponed}

Project Amount: $6000 CAD

Contribution: Due to the unforeseeable impacts of COVID-19 on our partner home Rays, we’ve launched a campaign to aid in the immediate needs of the 69 children and caretakers.

A little something extra: COVID has had a tremendous effect on the world as a whole, and for vulnerable children around the globe the continued results are life threatening. With India having one of the most extreme and regimented lockdowns, charitable giving nation wide has ceased to a stand still, while families fend for their own livelihoods first. Our partner home Rays Aasha Ki Ek Kiran is 40% funded by the Indian government and that funding is said to be cut immediately by up to 60%. With 69 at risk children and women under their care, they are calling out for aid. This is our chance to answer their call. Please join us in helping out our family across the world in this time of need.

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RAYS children

Sudershana’s Housing Project

This project was fulfilled on June 15th 2017.

Location: Manali, Himachal Pradesh

Gifting Partner: Radha NGO

Contribution: Due to housing restrictions from the Indian Child Welfare Department, Sudershana had 15 children taken suddenly from her care. Some of these children have been with her for up to 15 years and the majority of their lives. She had to relocate to a larger home, which costs her significantly more in order to begin the paper work to have her children returned to her. We recently gave her a small contribution to help with the costs;

  • 1 Months rent

  • Transport & installation costs for solar panels.

Reach: 22 Children

Amount: $1000.00

A little something extra: Radha NGO is a very small, remote children’s home in Norther India. It’s nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas near the Beas River in the Manali/Kullu region of Himachal Pradesh. It was started 15 years ago by one extraordinary woman Sudershana. She has managed to sustain & grow her home to care for 22 children. She understands that a child’s life potential is only fulfilled with a loving home & strong family life. That is what she offers her children.

More Projects with Sudershana

Dream Big Project

This project was fulfilled on May 15th 2016.

Location: Jaipur, Rajasthan

Gifting Partner: Rays Children’s Home

Contribution: Supporting development in areas of interest to the children. Funding summer programs to hone skills, foster creativity and explore areas which spark passion.

  • 30 Day courses at Landmark Vocational training for 38 Children aged 10years and over. Programs include Computers & Drawing. 

  • 30 Day in home programs for 19 Children aged 10 years and under. Programs will include Arts & Crafts, Dancing, Singing, Acting & Creative Outlets.

Reach: 57 Children

Amount: $1700

A little something extra: Rays Home works to provide quality care, love, nourishment & education to HIV positive children in Jaipur. They are committed to preparing their children for success and independence as adults. In order to achieve this, each child’s upbringing must be specific to their talents & wants, not only basic needs. Summer training does just that, allowing each child to recognize their passions in life.


Lambs for Literacy Project

This project was fulfilled on February 1st 2016. For full details READ HERE

Location: Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, Central India

Gifting Partner: Gramiksha

Contribution: Reworking of any electrical or structural problems, Salvage old books, Painting – including Tribe of Lambs mural, New collection of books, New book shelves, New Desks, New Rugs & Curtains, Fans, Clean filtered drinking fountain

Reach: Approximately 300 Children will have access to the Library

Amount: $3000.00

A little something extra: We will work together with Gramiksha on all logistical details of this project. They have the knowledge about how our monetary support and manual labour (that’s right – we’ll be there getting our hands dirty) can be best utilized. We’ll also be side by side with Gramiksha to support them in setting up systems and programs which will encourage regular use and love of the library. Read more.

Street Meet Project

This project was fulfilled in March 2015.

Location: Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh

Gifting Partner: Gramiksha India

Contribution: Backpacks filled with essentials such as footwear, clothing and toiletries as well as items of interest specific to each child (i.e. books, toys, etc)

Amount: $1500

Reach: 80

A little something extra: Street Meet Project was designed by the Gramiksha India team to engage in conversation with street children to better understand their causes and problems. By doing this sustainable solutions can come into resolve. Gramiksha uses conversation, trust exercises, data collection and general observation while engaging the children through fun activities, food, educational talks and small rewards.
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Kids from the Street Meet Project

Warm Dough Project

This project was fulfilled October 1st 2015. 

Location: Manali, Himachel Pradesh, India

Gifting Partner: Sudeshna’s Children’s Home

Contribution: Bread oven and solar panels, for alternate source of power. Our contribution will cover a plan, grid, installation, and a management tutorial.

Reach: 17

Amount: $2450

A little something extra: In May of 2015 we went back to visit Sudeshna for an update, it was clear everyone was happy and healthy. Something that had struck us during out last visit, during the winter, was that the home was without power for almost a month straight (and quite regularly). This is not only due to the heavy snow falls and poor power lines in India, but also because of the remote location of her house. We came up with a few solutions to help ease this burden: a bread oven and solar powers to provide an alternate source of power.
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Kids from the Warm Dough Project in Manali


This project was fulfilled August 31st 2014.

Location: Himachal Pradesh, Northern India

Gifting Partner: Sudeshna’s Children’s Home, Vashisht Children’s Ashram & Kahleli Boys Home

Contribution: Winter jackets, shoes, underwear, backpacks, books & sanitary napkins

Reach: 55 Children and 1 Mrs. Sudeshna (One of a kind Lady!)

Amount: $1500.00

A little something extra: Our inaugural project was completed in the foothills of the Himalayas thanks to the support of 55 contributors from Canada, USA, Australia, Spain, UK, Oman, India and the awesome crowd-funding folks at Indiegogo (click the link for the full details!).
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Bobbi at the orphanage in Manali, India



As an integral part of our gifting partnership with Ray’s Home for HIV Positive Children,  we are committed to raising awareness about HIV positive children in India. We are currently seeking organizations or persons involved in HIV awareness programs or communities. If you or anyone you know can offer us support in sharing the story of Ray’s Children and others like them, please Contact Our Tribe. We are currently working in India but would still love to hear about other children’s organizations globally.

Together We Give.

3 Indian children smiling playfully