“I was left outside the hospital when I was born. When they found me I was shifted from orphanage to orphanage before eventually I got so sick I was admitted to the hospital, where I was diagnosed HIV positive. I was lucky that there was one place that took me in, and gave me everything.”

Malika came to our partner home for HIV positive children when she was 18 months old – sick, with a low chance of survival. The home cared for her and soon she started showing signs of recovery. A small baby added so much laughter to the home. She was, and still is, everyones favourite. As she is the youngest, certain choices were made for her such as sending her to a well reputed play school, and now to an english medium school.
She’s now 6 years old now, she has turned out to be a sweet, healthy, and lively child who is actually adding so much joy to our lives… the caretakers nicknamed her ‘Happy’. Everything about Malika is happy.
We make and sell silver jewelry to support HIV positive children in India like Malika, and name our jewelry after the kids we support.

Malika Earrings


These sterling silver earrings are named after Malika – happiness through and through.

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